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Thames Valley & Wessex AMR Audit

On this page you can enter your individual audits. In order to get started you need to register – you can do this by clicking here and then logging in with your user name and password.

When you are ready to complete an audit response, simply scroll down and complete one of the forms below. For the first Thames Valley Audit you should use the first tab – with a prescription. When you have completed the first cycle of 10 responses you will receive, via email, within 24 hours, a compliance report and copy of your audit responses. When you have completed the second cycle you will receive a final report and a CPD and Audit certificate as well as form to request payment.

Once all participants have completed the audit you will receive a peer comparison report. You can look at the progress of the audit from the Data from Peers tab.

You can download copy of the guidance notes and instructions here. You might also want to keep a paper copy of the audit to complete at chair side for later entry onto the online system – you can download one of these here. A copy of frequently asked questions can be found here.


If you are not already logged in – please do so below. If you need a username and password, please sign up using the form here.

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  • Acknowledgements
  • Outcomes
  • Data from peers
  • CPD / Audit Feedback

This clinical audit tool was developed as part of a primary care audit toolkit to support Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) in general dental practice as part of the work of the Dental Subgroup of ESPAUR. It has been placed online in collaboration with HEE.

Thanks go to many who have contributed to the development of this audit tool including:

Lawrence Currie BSc LLB Dento-legal Assistant, Dental Protection

Susie Sanderson OBE LLM BDS FDSRCSEng FFGDP(UK) Dento-legal Adviser, Dental Protection

Nikolaus Palmer BDS MFGDP(UK) PhD FDSRCSEng FFGDP(UK) Clinical Adviser in Dental Education and Research Fellow Health Education North West

NHSE Cheshire and Merseyside Local Dental Network

Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)

British Dental Association

The aim of this tool is to allow you to carry out an audit of your prescribing practices over a 2 or three month period. You will be recording your prescribing data for all patients for whom you issue a prescription over the period you select and audit against relevant published guidelines.

Once you have completed the audit you will receive a compliance report of the patients for whom you issued a prescription. The most important section of the report for this audit is Reasons for prescribing. If you score a ‘possible justification for’ or ‘inappropriate prescribing’ you should examine the reason for this and develop an action plan for improvement.

You will then be able to test your improvement by conducting a second audit

The following data show the progress of the audit. These are aggregated data from all participants. Any new responses that you add will be updated overnight.



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