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Dewisiwch iaith os gwelwch yn dda

NHS Wales Dental Referral Management System
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Sign up here to manage your referrals using the PRESS provision. PRESS enables you to manage your referrals within in an internal provider workflow system, making managing, reporting and appointing patients easier.

PRESS is available for Orthodontic and oral surgery providers.
PLEASE NOTE: Each login requires a unique email address. If you have already signed up for a GDP login you will require a different email address for PReSS, and Vice versa

Benefits to providers

No more NHS NET use – referrals are sent directly to your provider dashboard meaning there is no need to login into NHS NET or manage your inbox.

Send referrals directly to other providers– The inbuilt triage system enables you to identify cases that should be sent to secondary care – and you can direct immediately or after an initial assessment.

Radiographs – You will have access to patient imaging using our PACS system and the ULite viewer – the highest quality images available. You can also share any images that you might acquire back with your referring dentists.

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You can view a sample version of the Data Processing Agreement here. This will be completed, signed and emailed to you.

Reporting – the system will automatically generate your KPI reports and you will receive a monthly report with key metrics on your referral volumes and outcomes to keep you informed.

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Review – you can save patients for later review in the system with reminders to recall.

Appointments – the system automatically provides partial appointment letters from patient demographics reducing administrative burden.

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Apply here – providers only

CALL HANDLING: Please note if your practice utilises call handling (Press one for…etc), or an 0844 number the system cannot use that phone number. Please provide mobiles or direct numbers.

Area: Aneurin Bevan | Betsi Cadwaladr | Cardiff & Vale | Cwm Taf | Hywel Dda | Powys | Swansea Bay