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Dewisiwch iaith os gwelwch yn dda

NHS Wales Dental Referral Management System
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Sign up to online referrals
Sign up here and within 48 hours you will be referring online, saving time and speeding up the referral process with instant submission. We will also supply you with a GDPR compliant data processing agreement, a login to our CPD system and access to our help system and manuals.

Sign up to Online Referrals

Our online system is now available for all dentists to sign up.  Depending on your Health Board you may be accessing the system immediately or as part of the system roll out.

The system is practice based ensuring that all practice details are pre-populated in the forms requiring only the referrers name and GDC number to be completed.

The logins are practice and not person specific, therefore all users at a practice will use the same username and password but the codes to login can be sent to individual phone numbers.

Call handling systems: Please note if your practice utilises call handling (Press one for.. or an answering service with a message on) the system cannot use that phone number. Please provide mobiles and direct numbers only. The sign up form allows up to five numbers to be added for each practice, but additional numbers can be added to the login later – please see the instructions here.

Here is a short video showing how the system works.

Benefits to practices

Data is entered directly – onto the system and the forms are conditional – this means you only need to complete those sections of the forms that are appropriate for the referral. It also means less rejections – the forms will not enable a referral to progress if it doesn’t have the correct information.

Auto-populated fields – The system will automatically populate the fields with the required practice contact details and we are able to offer a postcode look up system for patient and GP addresses – this ensures accuracy and saves time.

Integration- Dependant on your practice software you will be able to integrate with the referral system. This populates the forms with basic patient data from your dental software. (Please note: The forms can be completed without the need for the integration)

Sample Radiographs If you are testing the system and want some sample radiographs you can download these here.

Speed – your referral will automatically be sent to the appropriate triager or provider – and hence a decision is reached sooner. In our test referrals with practices, it takes approximately 2 minutes to complete a form and it  be with the triager.

Review – you will be able to log in and view your active referrals and assesses their status quickly.

Rejections – data is live in the system so rejection handling is improved – just login, provide the additional data and your referral is resubmitted.

Apply here – dental practices only – patients should not register

When you sign up to the service we store certain details about you, your practice and all the users associated with it. You can read more about this in our Dental User Fair Processing Notice which explains what we do with this data. We will also add you to our email list. We will use this to send out very occasional emails on important matters related to the referral system and new developments. There is a very simple unsubscribe link on the end of each of these emails. Please see the important information below in relation to the Data Processing Agreement that is required for GDPR compliance.

Data Processing Agreement With the GDPR requirements there is a need for a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to be signed – this is an easy process and we will send you a signed copy to keep with your records. You can read a copy of the DPA here and more information on the General Data Protection Regulations here.


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