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Dewisiwch iaith os gwelwch yn dda

NHS Wales Dental Referral Management System
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Track a referral
This system allows you to check the status of a referral. You need to know the URN of the referral, a 10 digit alphanumeric code which is printed on the top of your referral forms.

The tracking information for your referral will be shown on the right hand side. If the system states the referral cannot be found, it may be that we have not yet received it or perhaps the URN was entered incorrectly.

If you are using the online system, you can simply search for the URN in your dashboard, review any rejection letters and resubmit the referral if required.

If the referral states “With Triage” then one of our clinical team is currently assessing the referral.

If the referral states “Sent To” then your referral has been sent to the provider indicated –  If the provider you have been sent to is a hospital or Community Dental Services, the referrals are sent via secure email and we can only track it as far as the email going to them. The tracker will update no further from that point. You will need to contact them for more information on appointments and waiting times if required.

If the tracking displays additional information like so:

24 Jan 2015, 20:24 – Provider received referral – This indicates that the referral has been passed into the providers system (please note, this does not mean they have opened or read it – Only that they can access it)

25 Jan 2015, 08:26 – Provider accepted referral – This indicates that they have read and accepted the referral and will contact you in due course for an appointment. (Normally with 10 working days – but times can vary)

Please note: The above details are examples and do not display data relating to the referral you are tracking.

You can learn more about the providers in the Directory of Service. – you will need to contact them directly for more information on appointments and waiting times if required.

  • Track a referral

    This system enables you to track a referral through the process so you know what the outcome is. In order to use this system you will need your unique reference number.

    This is a ten character code and looks something like this: ANB0057487.

    If you don't have a URN you won't be able to use this system; please email for more information.

If the referral states “Rejected” then we have returned the referral to your dentist for more information. Please contact them for further information.

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