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We have received your orthodontic validation document. If you requested to stay on the waiting list we will have sent all your information to the orthodontic practice.

Its our hope that by validating and reducing the size of wait lists that waiting times for orthodontics can be decreased. However there are a number of factors that determines how long you might wait:


Orthodontics is normally carried out in early to mid teens – but this can vary based on the problem. If you or your child were referred very early then your wait may be longer.


Some orthodontic treatment is more complex than others – and may need to start earlier, or even delayed until growth has stopped. This can effect when your orthodontist may call you for an appointment.

How healthy your or your child’s mouth is

Wearing a brace can make toothbrushing and other oral hygiene practices more complex – so most orthodontists will only start treatment if tooth brushing and flossing is done well – if you evidence of gum disease, such as gingivitis, then this will only get worse with orthodontic treatment – and dental decay can also be an issue if a mouth is not healthy before treatment starts.

Your data

We will only use the data that you have supplied to process the orthodontic validation of your referral. Once your data have been passed to the treating orthodontist we will delete it from our systems securely.

Find out more about our privacy and fair processing notice here, as well as on confidentiality and your rights as a data subject.

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